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Due to some ongoing issues with my truck along with other stuff, the barn and goats are put on hold for a few months. I seriously need to get a second vehicle and between that then the car payment I won't have enough to get plans drawn up for the barn so I can start tearing the shed down.

Instead next month or so I'll be getting the chickens a new coop so their current one will be just a run for rainy days thus it won't matter if its covered or not. Will probably sell these current birds sometime in March when they hit two years old before ordering replacements. Partridge rock, Delaware, Australorp, Sussex, and another Easter egger. Only Lucy & Mina (Naked Necks) and Sarah (Easter egger reliable) will stay. I hope to bring the numbers up to nine making enough birds to keep warm in our coldest winters still having good layers.

If things change or I get the job at my current employment place as a permanent employee, I'll work on that barn right away. Still up in the air about being put on the list for both kinds of goats...hm.

Dec. 16th, 2010

I got nothing. Still awake because its hard to stay asleep.

The waiting...its the hardest part. Good night all.


No word from Earl since noon yesterday; can't imagine what is going on that he would ignore both txt and voicemail. Two things come to mind: Dad is either really sick or worst. Job which he is on call 24/7 has him so busy he barely has time to think much less response.

The former and latter I can understand but a short txt or something would be nice. Sigh. I try not to be upset but we were getting close-perhaps he got scared or wasn't interested or got what he wanted so time to move on. No I do not believe the last one as he didn't seem the type.

Dunno, guess I....I don't know. Hope everyone else is having a better holiday.

Aborted evening..

Earl had to go back home due to his father being hospitalized. While disappointed we couldn't spend the night together I was way more worried about him, bit upset he didn't want me there as support. Eventually though, well more like several long minutes of thought and concerned made me realize that I was indeed more worried about HIM than anything else. I couldn't imagine the apprehension that would make this guy who normally drives way under the speed limit to break it ten times over getting home. I've been in that situation so I know what he was kind of going through.

Got a call though about 45 minutes ago from Earl saying his dad was ok, sleeping all taken care off. He was headed home to rest. Sigh, I am glad but still kind of wound up by the whole thing so I did what I normally do: buy stuff as I'd already eaten and had a drink earlier. I'm working on my blanket until I fall asleep with it in my lap.


About the vehicles

Now on to something else that is a need not a want. I have decided to put the barn/goats on hold until I get a second vehicle. My own truck, BP needs a semi-retirement if I am to keep her forever and ever. Sometime next years she will roll over onto 300,000 miles which is epic for most trucks that are daily drivers. I love my truck, its paid off but I do need something else if I am to continue driving and keep a truck that has many uses.

I talked to Mom and she said she would gift me an early birthday present so at tax time I will take a little of what I have and get another car. I'm not looking for something new-I can't afford that no matter how good my credit is, the payments would kill me. I have my eye on two vehicles that also have multi uses: Subaru Frontier and the VW Vanagon half camper with a Subaru engine. Subaru is closer to what I need, a daily driver with added bonus of 4 wheel drive for camping but won't suck the life out of my pocketbook. Getting one with all the trimmings would eliminate the need to add things later on. Luggage rack especially would be nice for putting camping shit on top.

VW Vanagon Westfalia camper would do several thing: No need for a separate tent trailer, fairly easy on the gas, good Subaru engine means less VW issues plus being able to get up to speed on the highways, a camper for weekend trips and something tall enough to accommodate more than one person. Also it would get me something that looks like the old VW bus of the past. If only they weren't so damned expensive! I'm leaning to the Vanagon but the Subaru is a saner choice when it comes to prices.

Also mega MUST HAVE: automatic transmission!

Tonights me hogie night

Whatever that means as its a line from an old b-rated movie. Heheh. So Earl and I are going out mini golfing, might do a bit of partying at the El Torito before retiring some place. Our first night together both exciting and nerve racking.

I really dig this man; he makes me a little crazy with some aspects of his personality but I know my insecurity probably isn't helping matters. Plus we both have been single so long you get set in your ways and both of us have to remember to be flexible. Bottom line is we do like hanging out together a lot. He came down yesterday because he'd rather be with me than bored at home twiddling his thumbs. I think that is cool. We even went to the book store though he probably isn't into them as much as I am but he knows I like them. We played a silly game of hide and seek but our minds were elsewhere for sure.

Then we sat out listening to holiday music which he said he enjoyed the holidays even if he didn't celebrate. I don't either or at least not like the monotheistic religions do.

What I like about him is we do talk-it may take time to get all the words out; sometimes not even right away but we do talk which I miss having someone to chat with. Sometimes we don't say anything at all which is okay too. I need to remember not all the air between us needs to be filled with conversation.

While I acknowledge there is a healthy bit of lust there since we both are sexual people, there is also mutual like and growing respect. I'm inviting him over for xmas eve to just hang out. Not sure if he'll go for it as both of us are close to our remaining parents and would rather be around them. Still, if we both have that day off we can pickle around here without spending a dime. I have netflix along with a good tv for game playing and he has an Xbox 360.

One gift down one to go

Ok, finished with my brother's hat just have to weave in the ends and take pictures for my Ravelry account. Last night I started the foundation for Earl's hat. I like his color better but bro was ok with his coloring as well. It is snug enough to fit under his riding cap should he decided to wear it outside the house. Dunno though I will ask him to take a picture so I can show it off. :D

I purchased some beautiful Malabrigo wool/silk yarn from the LYS that will make an excellent shawl should I find something to show off its colors. :)

Dates, hats

Almost finished with my bro's hat so I started working on Earl's. I like the feel of his yarn better but Bro's hat has been undone and redone several times already so....anyway a good wash will renew it. If I really dont' like it, I do have the option of buying more yarn, hunking down on a Sunday and crocheting the shit out of his hat. :)

Going out tomorrow with Earl; just a brief date unlike last week's epic date o rama where we didn't part until nearly 12 midnight! This means I should be in bed like now.


Good times!

Last night was wonderful. Earl and I met up at the stables spending a few hours there watching horses, talking, grooming Kelly and he fed her some carrots. Now she'll be after him everytime he is there. Ha! He opened a can of worms...or carrots in this case. :D
Then we headed over to Norco's main street to watch the Parade of lights which he had not seen before. All the pretty horses decorated in lights, the traditional Mexican cowboys, our local drunken barn riding group. Even an inner city riding group from Compton of all places! Wow! I called it the "Didn't know there were Black people who rode English in Norco" group. Seriously! I did not know but how cool is that? English riding takes a lot of discipline which many of those kids need. More power to them!

So we shared some laughs with the other ladies and one guy (Poor Matt but at least Earl was there). I curled in his arms as we tried to stay warm but watched the whole parade. We declined going to the winter gathering up the street as we were both starving by then and fair food wasn't really sounding good.
So after eating at TGI Fridays a light meal, we went to the Drive In and...kind of watched a movie. :)

This morning I woke up, I could smell his scent on me (no not that one!) Just from hugging him, being in his arms, he has this really light smell for a guy. Something about that is just so intimate, so simply wonderful I am not sure I know how to express it.

Homesteading news

Ok loaded up on chicken food, shavings and straw for the birds. Decided to sell five of them to make way for a fresh flock of layers. Not quite ready to do both layers and fryers yet maybe when the barn is up I can do so because I will have extra space for birds. Betty still has worms so she will be de-wormed as soon as I get to Norco today to get the ride medicine for tapeworms. Birds to be sold are: Ebony, Delilah, Betty, Cindy and possibly Lucy. That would leave just Mina and Sarah to lay eggs for a few months. Should no one want Lucy then she gets to stay as she is a consistent layer. I narrowed down my birds to Easter egger, Delaware, Partridge Rock, Sussex and of course another Australorp. I'm aiming for docile birds who are good layers.

Thinking about adding an electric trimmer to my tool list so I can cut down some of the Lilac bushes, trim back the trees. I also need a small electric saw so I can really cut back that damned cypress tree so my 3rd raised bed gets better sun. If it were up to me, I'd get rid of the whole thing but that will take time to do so and perhaps a trip or two to the dump. Then the stump has to be killed and dug up but once that is done I can put either another raised bed in or make a spot for potted trees like Peaches or something like that.

Shed destruction is slated for maybe late Jan early Feb. I will only put in my order for the goats when I am sure I will have space ready for them. Goats grow quickly as I am sure I will not be able to get a Kinder milker with a daughter so I have to make room for growing babies. I figure I might do the same for the Pygoras wethers.

Earl has not seen the property yet but at least I want it to look like I've been doing something around here other than letting it slack off for the season. :p


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